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06 Jun 2017

The Truth about Gary Young - Young Living Essential Oils

I am following up on the latest Gary Young scam in Somalia. I wish to present the true facts about this man. Please distribute this everywhere that you can, send it to everyone you know, whether in Africa, Europe, and anywhere else in the world.


  1. Is is true that Gary Young is an MD?

Between 1982 and 1985, Gary attended Bernadean University and earned a doctorate in naturopathy:

This seems to indicate that Gary Young studied there for three years. Bernadean University is not a University, it is a company selling fake diplomas.

  • Reprint from an article in the New York Times, written by Laufey V. Bustany who holds a Master of Science degree in nutrition from Rutgers University and is a registered dietician: "Diploma mills are producing charlatans at an unprecedented rate. Not only do these organizations abuse the public's trust in professional degrees, but also entice students into "a partnership of fraud."

Gary Young's "degree" is a worthless piece of paper and offers only worthless credentials. He has NEVER been licensed to practice naturopathy in Utah or anywhere else.

  • In April 2002, a physician who telephoned Young Living was told that he was licensed to practice naturopathy in Utah. The Web site of the Utah Division of Professional Licensing (USOPL) lists the numbers of all licensed naturopaths, but the Young Living employee who was asked for Young's license number, said it could not be given out. After the physician complained to the UDOPL, Young Living removed the title N.D. and references to Young as a naturopath from the its Web site, but this misleading information still appears all over the Net on distributor Web sites.

  • Actually, he would have no reason to acquire a license because in Utah it is illegal for a licensed naturopath to "own, directly or indirectly, a retail store, wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or facility of any other kind located in this state that is engaged in the sale, dispensing, delivery, distribution, or manufacture of homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements, or natural medicines."

  1. What about Gary Young's claim that essential oils have cured his "paralysis"?

He claims to have discovered the healing powers of essential oils after he was allegedly "paralyzed for life" by a head injury. He claims to have discovered an essential oil cure for this supposed paralysis, but has never provided documentation of either the injury or his miraculous cure, according to Dr. Eva Briggs. MD

There is not one scientific evidence that essential oils cure paralysis. If this was true it would have been a great discovery for the worlds of aromatherapy, science, medicine, and for those who are paralyzed and could have use the same "cure".

  1. Is it true that Gary Young owned and operated a clinic in Mexico?

Gary Young claims that he operated the Rosarita Beach Clinic in Mexico that treated cancer patients with laetrile, which is a useless drug that can harm or kill people because it forms cyanide in the body. Additionally it is illegal.

  1. Why was Gary Young arrested in California?

From Mexico, Gary Young traveled to California and opened a clinic offering bogus treatments for cancer and other diseases/illnesses. He claimed falsely at that time that he was an MD. He was arrested in California on charges related to the sale of ineffective and worthless medical treatments.

  1. Other arrests?

When Gary Young returned to the Spokane area, he was arrested again, this time for assaulting several of his family members with an axe.

It is clear to this writer that even though Gary Young and his cult members claim to be religious and spiritual, such behavior is in direct contradiction with any religious belief.

3.What happened to Gary Young when equipped with a fake diploma he started practicing medicine without a license:

  • By the early 1980's Young had moved to Spokane, Washington. Although he had no training in medicine, obstetrics, or midwifery, he insisted on delivering his wife's baby underwater in a whirlpool bath. He left the baby under water for an hour. The otherwise normal healthy infant drowned. Although the coroner said that the baby would have lived if she had been delivered in a conventional manner, Young was never charged in that case. His plans for an underwater delivery the previous year had been thwarted when a health department caseworker threatened to prosecute him if he followed through with the plan.

  • In March 1983, Young was arrested in Spokane for practicing medicine without a license when he offered to provide an undercover agent with prenatal services and to treat her mother for cancer. He claimed falsely to be a graduate of "The American Institute of Physioregenerology." But the institute's owner said that Young attended only a few classes, did only 1/3 of the homework, and owed $1,800 in tuition [4-8]. The prosecuting attorney's statement of charges in the case said:

    • UNLAWFUL PRACTICE OF MEDICINE committed as follows: That the defendant, Donald Gary Young, in Spokane County, Washington, on or about February 24, 1983, then and there being, did then and there offer or undertake to diagnose, advise or prescribe for a human physical condition, or offer to penetrate the tissue of another human being, by means as follows: offering to deliver a baby of another person; by offering to treat another person for cancer and to detect the presence of cancer in another by. means of a blood sample which he would draw and by a blood test which he would interpret; and by offering to determine the nutritional needs of another person during pregnancy by drawing blood and interpreting the results of a blood test; the defendant at such time not having a valid unrevoked license to practice medicine.

Young pled guilty to the unlawful practice of medicine and was sentenced to a year of probation. In the plea document he "explained" that he "was engaged in consulting [sic] people in alternative cancer therapy [sic] and offering dietary help in order to give people a program that would work."

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