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09 Jun 2017

Now, we are saying essential oils are a scam. Or are they really proven? What makes an essential oil a scam or a proven product that works. There are some on the internet that are claiming that essential oils are just that-scams. Apparently, social media has been exploding with reports that essential oils will heal every disease under the sun. You have it there is some essential oil out there that will heal it. It doesn’t matter what the disease or sickness is it can be healed by an essential oil. It can be cancer, diabetes, or some asthma condition the essential oil will take care of it. But then there is the other side that claims that essential oils are a total scam and all these reports of essential oils healing every disease imaginable is a scam. So, consumer who do you believe? Let’s explore the issue a little further.

The Essence of the Plant

Essential oils are called essential oils because contain the essence of the plant’s fragrance not because they have powerful healing properties according to this one site that claims that essential oils are a scam. The core of the controversy is that essential oils have medicinal properties not that they are used in cleaning products or help the body relax because of their calming smell. It is put forward that they contain antimicrobials, and anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Some experts strongly assert that they may have these properties but in such small quantities that they wouldn’t have any medicinal values. They go on to say that they may heal very minor burns but not extensive burns. They help treat acne and act as a valuable skin moisturizer but they don’t heal broken bones. They don’t heal autism, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, or any potential harmful diseases.

There are experts who say that there are false doctors and scientists who say that essential oils will bring miracalous cures to the human body. But there is no clear scientific evidence or any legitimate studies to support these claims. Harriet Hall,MD, took doTerra to task about their claims concerning essential oils. She says “They say modern science is validating “the numerous health and wellness benefits of essential oils” but they don’t identify those benefits or offer any evidence. No clinical studies are cited, and there is no research section on their website.” According to her the studies that support these medicinal properties of essential oils are uncontrolled, poorly designed, and unconvincing. The subjects in these studies were relaxed by the aromas of the essential oils and were affected by mental associations. They were not blocked from the fragrances of the essential oils. She seems to be suggesting that the subjects were manipulated by these factors into believing the essential oils were healing their bodies.

Dr. Hall had some supposed interesting information about D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, she writes: “I first heard of essential oils years ago in connection with Gary Young, described on Quackwatch as “an uneducated huckster with a track record of arrests for health fraud.” Gary Young and his Essential Oils are still in business despite the devastating critique that has long been featured on Quackwatch. The record of misdeeds there makes for painful reading. Among other things, he practiced medicine without a license, was arrested repeatedly, did bogus lab tests, and contributed to the death of his own child by performing an underwater delivery and holding the newborn infant underwater for an hour. His judgment about medical matters is obviously not very trustworthy.”

Another genuine medical professional Roy Benaroch, MD writes about essential oils healing properties: “Is there any reason to think there are broad health benefits from essential oils, as a group? Many of them smell good, and I imagine that used in a sort of aroma therapy they might be relaxing to people who like the smell of lemon, cedarwood, patchouli, or hyssop. But statements referring to essential oils collectively as having near-magical health benefits are just plain silly.”

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