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20 Jun 2017

If you, like me, fell in love with Young Living for its holistic care and positive impact—I’m afraid you’re about to be blindsided by some uncomfortable documentation on Gary Young. I had the same experience last week while Googling Young Living’s founder and CEO. Yes, the truth was difficult to swallow, but it’s also empowering for us moms determined to find the most trustworthy products for our families.

Gary Young—in an attempt to add some legitimacy to his marketing materials—has blatantly exploited multiple cultures for his own gain. Recently, an online “truth-crusade” led by Native Americans and Somalis have exposed his unconscionable treatment of vulnerable populations.

15 Jun 2017

Some time ago, I wrote the article "Dangers in Samaritan Ministries." Since that time, there have been some things that have improved, and some that have not. Let me mention both of them below. (Part three was also written after this part two.)

I'm thankful that there are warnings about New Age practices that now occasionally appear in the Samaritan newsletter. Furthermore, it appears that explicit promotion or recommendation of apostates has decreased. These are wonderful changes for the better. For example, the August newsletter mentioned Chi in a less than positive manner. This is very good.

Furthermore, in the October 2013 newsletter, after spending several previous newsletters promoting the idea that essential...

09 Jun 2017

Now, we are saying essential oils are a scam. Or are they really proven? What makes an essential oil a scam or a proven product that works. There are some on the internet that are claiming that essential oils are just that-scams. Apparently, social media has been exploding with reports that essential oils will heal every disease under the sun. You have it there is some essential oil out there that will heal it. It doesn’t matter what the disease or sickness is it can be healed by an essential oil. It can be cancer, diabetes, or some asthma condition the essential oil will take care of it. But then there is the other side that claims that essential oils are a total scam and all these reports of essential oils healing every...

30 May 2017
The Nitty Gritty on Essential Oil Purity
Today, I’ve decided to pull my hair up and get serious about the purity of essential oils. After all, if I’m gonna be rubbing them on my stomach/feet/chest/face (the list goes on and on), sniffing them, and even tasting them—they had better be 100%, no-nonsense pure. Unfortunately, NOT all essential oils are created equal. 
Here’s the riff: every essential oil company claims their contents are “pure.” Ugh. So who can you trust?
Personally, I trust certified aromatherapists, dermatologists, massage therapists, oil distillers, naturopathic physicians, and holistic nutritionists. So I researched what these specialists look for when selecting their essential oils. Here’s the collective...