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13 Jun 2017

Very few individuals are willing to pay the price, since it is easier to copy other people's information, claim someone else's stories as their own, or just make it up when they simply dont know what they're talking about. (Gary Young)

Feels like he's looking into his own mirror... Isn't this what Gary Young has been doing all along? Copying Tisserand, Lafabvre, Penoel, etc... alleging that he has studied with some or all of them...which is not true. Marcel Lafabvre himself said that Mr. Young took one class that he never completed. By the end of the first day, he was boasting around like an "expert". Needless to say he looked ridiculous to all who attended that class/seminar.

Mr. Young continues to add lies to...

06 Jun 2017

The Truth about Gary Young - Young Living Essential Oils

I am following up on the latest Gary Young scam in Somalia. I wish to present the true facts about this man. Please distribute this everywhere that you can, send it to everyone you know, whether in Africa, Europe, and anywhere else in the world.


  1. Is is true that Gary Young is an MD?

Between 1982 and 1985, Gary attended Bernadean University and earned a doctorate in naturopathy:

This seems to indicate that Gary Young studied there for three years. Bernadean University is not a University, it is a company selling fake diplomas.

  • Reprint from an article in the...